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My journey as a designer began in 1999 after graduating from The Academy of Design in Montreal.  I am often on the go, therefore comfort is essential but feeling sexy and stylish is just as important! The fabrics I work with have a little stretch allowing for movement with ease.  Working with a beautiful array of colors and prints, allows mixing and matching to achieve many different fun and original outfits.  Often I am inspired with new ideas from the women who wear my clothes.  It is wonderful to see the creative ways that my designs can be worn.

 I create a line that is versatile and fun to wear.   I pride myself on creating timeless and well-made clothes, always maintaining a balance between luxury and comfort. I work with a wide range of textiles that are carefully selected, hand-cut and sewn in my studio and will take you from morning to night without having to change.   It's not just quality products, it's quality experiences along with relationships with my amazing and dynamic clients. In conclusion, I love what I do - to be able to reach women from all over and to offer them original exciting pieces that suit their diverse lifestyles!

My Process

I have been designing, my own collections for the past 24 years. Often the fabrics dictate the style I want to make so I start by shopping for different fabric suppliers, I often go to the New York Fabric shows to find new suppliers. I start with an idea that i roughly sketch. I make the pattern then cut a sample. If i love it, then I start my production. I love to work with knits, lots of luscious colors, textures and fabrics that drape and feel luxurious against the skin. I size everything to fit all body types. I am a one woman show with my 7 sewing machines, cutting table, plenty of spools of thread and rolls of fabric strewn about! My happy place!! My products are made to last! Quality is everything to me not only style! Nothing worse then purchasing a beautiful piece that will fall apart! That will never happen with donna beth creations.


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